Bark has always been a hugely popular surface material for playground areas. With this laid across your surface, you’ll benefit from excellent durability to all weather conditions, and also lay the foundations for a pleasant aesthetic. If you’re looking to create a brand new play area for children over the summer months, we have explained the simplest way you can lay down this particular aggregate

Work Out Quantities & Measurements 

Before work gets underway, it’s important to accurately measure the precise space you need to be laid, and from there, calculate the quantity you need to complete your project. Getting the exact amount delivered will ensure you’re never overspending unnecessarily, so we have a quantity calculator available to help you order only what’s needed. 

Make a Rough Outline 

With your bark ready for laying, simply mark the area in which this needs to be placed. During this step, think carefully about where playing equipment or furniture is to be positioned, as this will of course dictate where bark is actually required. Also consider how bark is used for paths, so really get to grips with the logistical layout both in terms of practicality and safety. 

Check The Ground is Suitable 

Even though bark will resist the often precarious nature of British weather, it’s recommended you lay this down in dry conditions. Have a quick glance over the ground and look for damp areas which may distort the solidity of bark once laid. If you’re happy to proceed, simply dig to your required depth and you will have created the platform you need to complete your project. 

Keep Things Neat & Tidy 

Play areas are likely to be used on a frequent basis by rather enthusiastic children, and that means bark will become wayward, causing the space to look a little less orderly. You can however reduce this concern by installing borders which keep bark contained within the play area. There’s a wide selection of materials you can choose from, giving you the opportunity to add even more style and purpose. 

Lay The Bark 

Now for the main component behind your project. With careful planning implemented, this should be a breeze, just make sure bark has been laid down neatly and where possible, keep the depth consistent across the entire space. Lay this down roughly to begin with, and if required, use a rake to level out the bark until you’re happy with the appearance.  

Why Choose Play Bark? 

This aggregate happens to be softer in comparison to other bark products, so perfect for play areas in which children may occasionally fall over. It can also deal with the endless exposure to heavy foot traffic. 

Buy Play Bark Here 

We supply a tried and trusted play bark for sale which can withstand all weather conditions and comes with non-staining qualities to ensure you get a long and prosperous finish. To learn more about this or any other aggregate products we supply, please do not hesitate to contact us directly today.