100mm 3.6N Concrete Blocks


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100mm 3.6N Concrete Blocks combine the qualities of durability and manageability, which is why they are a particularly popular choice for domestic projects.

£2.87 per block including delivery to the majority of UK Postcodes.

X54 Blocks Per Pack, delivered within 2-4 days via Pallet Force.

These aggregate blocks are used for a variety of load-bearing applications.  They are manufactured from concrete which makes them robust, durable and an ideal choice for domestic projects.

Features & benefits

  • Manufactured from concrete, making them robust and durable

  • Fantastic acoustic properties and can offer thermal efficiency when combined with the correct insulation

  • Provides a secure base for fixings

  • Frost and moisture resistant

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Key Features

  • 100mm
  • Strength: 3.6N/mm²
  • Medium Dense Concrete Blocks
  • Colour: Grey
  • £2.87 per block
  • 54 blocks per pack
  • Frost and moisture resistant
  • Suitable for a variety of load bearing applications
  • Fantastic acoustic properties

Product Overview

These 100mm 3.6N Concrete Blocks are an ideal choice in domestic projects like extensions as they’re strong and durable whilst being relatively easy to manage.

They can be used for a variety of load bearing applications, boast fantastic acoustic properties, are frost and moisture-resistant, and serve as a secure base for fixings.

You can use these 100mm 3.6N Concrete Blocks for internal and external purposes, and they provide good thermal efficiency when combined with the right insulation.

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