Kiln Dried Birch Firewood


Kiln dried hardwood logs cut to 25cm in length and split from 5-18cm. This product is predominantly Ash with a small proportion of other hardwood species such as Oak, Maple and Alder. This high quality firewood is on average 20% or less moisture and burns extremely well, ensuring your chimney remains clear and more usable heat is produced. The firewood is first seasoned naturally and then kiln dried during the summer months to ensure optimum moisture levels are achieved. This means they are in perfect condition when they arrive at your door to help you get through those cold winter months!

Suitable for all log burners, open fires and fire pits.

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Key Features :

  • Bulk bag


  • Bagged deliveries will be made with our speedy delivery service, all goods will be delivered kerbside via an 18t tail lift vehicle & pump truck, check out our delivery guide for more info

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