Salt Shaker


Winter is coming – get prepared. Just sprinkle it on your path or driveway and watch the snow and ice disappear. Unlike standard road grit, Snow & Ice Clear is clean and contains virtually no impurities, so you can shake it onto tiles and paving slabs and it will leave no residue once the snow and ice leaves. Conveniently packaged, Snow & Ice Clear comes in easy-to-manage 1.2kg plastic containers. The flip-and-pour lid mechanism allows you to easily apply Snow & Ice Clear gritting salt directly from the container, then re-seal for later use. The sealed container can be placed in cupboards, outbuildings or sheds for clean, secure storage.



Key Features :

  • Size : 1.2kg

  • Colour: Clear packaging , white salt.

Additional Info:


  • The salt shaker will be delivered with Royal Mail (1-2 day delivery)

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